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How to Make the Most Indoors this Summer - One Canyon Place Blog

How to Make the Most Indoors this Summer

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It's summer, and you know that that also means extreme heat waves! So, you're probably wondering how you can host your friends this hot summer in Puyallup? Well, we've got you covered with you to decide to host your friends indoors in your One Canyon Place apartment or Outdoors in the encompassing neighborhood.

How to make the most indoors this summer

During the summer heat wave, most people prefer to stay indoors where all the cooling gadgets are. The good news is the heat wave is not mean that you have to cancel your get-together. You can make the most of your One Canyon Place apartment.
The building is complete with a lot of different amenities for you. You can also play some fun indoor games as indoor entertainment, such as playing cards, Chess, I Spy, Hangman and Truth or dare.

Hosting Friends and Family During the Heat Wave

Take charge of the heat this summer with this one tip: keep cool! This is the only trip to remember the Summer season. The best ways to retain a cool temperature indoors and out is by eating good food and consuming lots of liquids. Some fun summer recipes that keep you and your friends cool include summer ice pops, fruit salad, frozen fruits, or a delicious roasted chicken and pepper salad Lemon.
If you enjoy the outdoors, then Just know that the options are endless. You and your friends could either visit Wildwood park or Seal Point Park. It doesn't only stop there, though are many more options to choose from.

Make apartment living fun for you this summer by following our renter-friendly hacks and apartment-friendly tips to have fun. Don't let this summer go by; make the most of this season!

Hosting Your Friends this Summer and During a Heatwave in you One Canyon Place Apartment

Get ready for those hot summer days in your One Canyon Place Apartment. Use our tips and hacks to get through the season when hosting your friends!

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