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How to Prepare Your Apartment for Guests During Thanksgiving

How to Prepare Your Apartment for Guests During Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving: The ultimate holiday to get together with family around the dinner table after planning, organizing, and prepping a glorious homemade meal. One Canyon Place's structuring apartment kitchens and layout make for an easy prepped, timed, and regulated holiday with friends and family through good food and laughter. As the rooms interconnect with various spacing from a well-designed island, the counter space makes a beautiful space for younger children and adults to enjoy each other's company around the season of thankfulness.


Prepare a Guest List

Preparing a guest list is the most crucial first step in prepping for Thanksgiving. The guest list is the place to start to know how many meals to prep and how many place cards to make. The first people on the guest list should be close families, such as parents, siblings, or equivalent. The next on the guest list should be close friends and another close family that Thanksgiving would not be the same without them.


Menu Plan and Organization

Keeping the meal plan close to traditional is usually the route families go for Thanksgiving. A conventional menu would include turkey, mashed potatoes, and something sweet like pumpkin or apple pie for dessert, regardless of the guest count. Cooking in an apartment kitchen has never been so easy with the beautiful layout of One Canyon Place. Keep things running smoothly by staying organized. For instance, a turkey takes almost a full day to cook in the oven. So, prep the turkey early in the morning to finish by mid-afternoon. Thanksgiving meals and prep work is a must for successfully structuring an apartment kitchen.


Integrating Holiday Game Ideas

Keeping family traditions alive while creating new ones is always so exciting. This includes inviting new people to dinner, adding fresh foods, creating memories with new holiday game ideas, or adding contemporary fall d├ęcor around the apartment. These new things make for a more exciting fall and an even more authentic Thanksgiving experience for everyone.


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