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Decorate Your One Canyon Place Apartment for a Festive Holiday Season

Decorate Your One Canyon Place Apartment for a Festive Holiday Season

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Christmas is the most magical time of the year and an excellent time to visit Puyallup's Christmas lights, which turn on in early December. It is a holy time and one of festivities and lights. It is also when we reflect on the past year and a time to welcome in the next year in your spacious apartment at One Canyon Place.


Decorations That Transition from Christmas & Into the New Year

Like the green and glittery parts of Christmas decorations, most holiday decorations will transition through the New Year. The Christmas tree is a focal point in any room and can be many different colors according to your taste. The Christmas Palace is a perfect choice for finding your perfect Christmas tree. Your apartment at One Canyon Place will be an ideal background for the decor trend of using twiggy and branch greenery adorned with baubles for decorating stairs and tables.


A Checklist for Creating a Winter Wonderland in Your Apartment

Adding a few unique and modern designs and touches to the traditional look will complement your modern apartment. When you've had your friendly, indoor racquetball game with your friends and family, you can visit the sauna or spa and relax with your own unique and magical Christmas d├ęcor in your apartment.

Listing the trending Christmas items:

  • The Tree — a traditional focal point, or twigs and branches from fir trees.
  • Using handmade ornaments, either hanging or standing — made of felt, wool or paper and woven or knitted.
  • Recycling ornaments and materials to make them.
  • Always have evergreen colors — mix it with gold or silver, and red is always traditional.


Keeping Your Festive Holiday Decorations and Trending Christmas Items Through the New Year

Most Christmas decorations can transit through to the New Year. If any of your decorations have 'Christmas' printed on them, swap them for holiday items that have 'New Year' printed on them instead. Background holiday decorations can be winter decorative twigs and hanging baubles and garlands. Handmade ornaments can usually transit between the two holidays. Remove Santa decorations, and you'll be ready for New Year parties in no time!

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